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of indianapolis is expected in gary indiana to help identify bones found near railroad tracks these skeletal remains were found by a man walking near the tracks along chase street on saturday night initial reports say those bonds are from a small child the friends together apologist is expected to arrive on the scene later today police said they hope he will shed light on that case >>after a two-year absence the south side irish parade returns with its original family friendly theme >>the parade kicked off at 103rd and western in beverly yesterday the last parade in 2009 was marred by fights and 54 arrests this year organizers hired private security and extra police to crack down on drinking along the route the parade itself was shorter with fewer floats at a crowd half the size of one person was arrested for public urination family and friends are gathering for the funeral of the corrections officer that was killed by a hit-and-run driver in lake county indiana last week there is a large police presence in hammond indiana for britany muex ... bob jordan is live everyone is here for her
while jogging with three co-workers in crown point indiana last week, britney new expedited three hours after a dark blue vehicle plowed into the vehicle into one remains in critical condition while two others are listed in fair condition, a man did surrender to police in connection with the crash on wednesday night and bukes will be laid to rest tomorrow, she leaves behind a baby girl. police shot and killed the woman after she pointed the gun at them, she was 49 years old nancy vanesier. police were called to her apartment building by residents into mad by kurtinto mad by her arm with a handgun. police fired their guns killing her. carelessly discarded cigarettes may have started a brush fire that burned several acres of northwest suburban forest preserve this weekend. the fire began saturday afternoon and firefighters were tempered by strong winds, low humidity and they had to struggle through knee deep mud and water. by the time they're able to put out the fire six hours later, 10 a. of grass and marshland had been burned. the victims of japan remembering the earthquake in tsunami
of green on the left of the screen is rain in kentucky into ohio and indiana. that's going to be arriving by later this afternoon. sunrise, that's not until 7:23. and we will have our temperatures climbing into the 50s. by 9:00, some sunshine in and out. mostly cloudy by noontime. mid 60s. near 70 by mid-afternoon. here's your evening planner for this monday evening. expect rain if you're going to be out and about this evening. you'll need the umbrella. rain moving into the metro area by early to mid evening. continuing off and on until dawn tomorrow. a mild week ahead. i'll look at that and the weekend in ten minutes. danella? >>> good news if you're taking bw parkway. had a crash as you approach northbound on 450 on packer. that's not out of the -- on the parkway. that's not out of the lanes. i-270 getting busy traveling southbound at falls road. not seeing any issues northbound. southbound, first set of delays, they start out of urbana and you slow making your way to clarksburg. back to you. >> thank you very much. >>> 6:12. 49 degrees. the video just uncovered showing the events of th
the west ahead of a front bringing rain into ohio, kentucky, indiana. hooks like that will be arriving this evening. between now and then, we'll have a little sunshine this morning. temperatures now in the upper 30s to the low to mid 40s near washington. farther to the west, it's dipped to the mid 30s in parts of northern fauquier, loudoun and frederick counties. into the upper 30s in western maryland, much of the mountain region. sunrise at 7:23 this morning as we're in daylight saving time. by 9:00, partly sunny, temperatures into the upper 50s. and then mostly cloudy by noontime, into the mid 60s. may get up to around 70 and hold steady for a few hours during the middle and latter part of the afternoon with a lot of clouds around. this evening, does look like rain moving in. sunset at 7:13. that rain moving into the metro area by about 8:00 or 9:00. occasional showers through the rest of the evening. by midnight, we'll be down into the upper 50s. >>> a look at the rest of the week and a peek at the weekend. that will be in ten minutes. now danella, how's traffic? >>> still looking g
to detroit and you go to ohio and you go to pennsylvania and indiana and illinois, where a good share of the auto industry resides, whole communities have been negatively impacted just by the downturn. it would have been significantly worse. president bush said 1 million jobs and $150 billion in tax revenue would have been foregone by the state and federal governments had it been allowed to fail. there is the infrastructure. the industrial infrastructure of the nation would have been severely damaged. i don't care how we got there. the question is did it work? chrysler is alive. we're alive. we are not just alive. we are prospering. around the globe and in this country. since the bankruptcy, we hired 1,700 employees in the united states alone. we invested $10 million. i know against a $1 trillion deficit sounds like peanuts. it's not. the ability to build new cars. we are focused on what is the evolution of the industry. we cannot afford to focus on the near term. what is it like in 2030? why are we spending money on the alternates? hybrids or hydrogen fuel cells. if i mentioned names
crash in indiana. one child was killed along with the driver of the school bus and two other children in critical condition. police say the bis was headed to a charter school with about 50 children between the ages of 5 and 16 onboard when it crashed into a bridge abutment. >> going to be a difficult day. i have small children. i have grandkids a hard thing if' got kids the -- i've got kids the same age. you can only imagine what the family is going through right now. it's just a tragedy. >> police say witnesses didn't report seeing anything out of the ordinary before the crash. a spokesperson for the fire department said investigators were also looking to whether the driver had some type of medical emergency. >>> in washington state a school bus with 39 children onboard left the road and ended up rolling over. a medical helicopter was brought in for three children. police say the driver was not injured and no other children were involved. >> the suburban mother of four accused of running a prostitution ring was back in court. >> she is being nicknamed the madam mama. now prosecutors
storm here, iowa showers extending down to indiana, ohio and kentucky. all this moisture is moving east. we have showers expected later tonight. temperatures have dropped into the 30s in places like baltimore. notice the little pockets of the lighter blues. the winds went calm, that is where temperatures dipped into the 30s. we are at 48 degrees. good visibility this morning under partly cloudy skies. 48 with a slight breeze. feels like 45 and those dew points in the low 30s, so the air is relatively dry. look how mild it is in chicago at 54. nashville at 60. we have a lot of warm air just off to our south and west. this week looks very spring like around here. there was that storm we were just looking at. classic comma shape going all the way down to louisiana and mississippi and louisiana. and this will be pushing toward us as we get into the night time hours. we might see a few showers linger into tomorrow morning. today though, some of the high clouds this morning with the thicker clouds moving in as we get into the afternoon and evening hours. here's our futurecast. you know as we
may have caused the fire. >>> and the eviction of a long standing occupy camp in fort wayne, indiana, problem up today, they peacefully broke up after four months there in the square. they evicted them because the crews need to prepare the park for spring events. they say they may condition their events with the proper permits, but the park must remain open to the general public. and the nobel prize winning scientist who warned about the ozone layer died, officials say roland died at his home after complications from parkinson's disease. he received the nobel prize for chemistry back in 1995, after he studied the earth's blanket. his finding led to several bans of chemicals. he was 84 years old. >>> and the 18-year-old son of marie and arnold schwarzenegger has been released from the hospital after a ski accident. he was taken to the hospital where he received stitches for a cut on his back, he also said he has a lot of bruises but didn't provide details of the accident. >>> it was another shake-up today at the crystal cathedral mega church in orange county, the pastor told the congr
state on thursday in portland, oregon. the winner plays either indiana or new mexico state. >>> and loyola university, maryland, has a tough task. the 15th seed greyhounds placed two-seed ohio state on thursday in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. the winner will either play gonzaga or west virginia. ben's team, our producer. >> went to gonzaga, that's right. >>> now it's time to fill in your brackets. some take this seriously. i said very seriously. a new survey from yahoo! sports shows that fans spend an average of 75 minutes filling out the brackets. people fill out an average of more than four brackets apiece with 14% filling out as many as six brackets or even more. and bosses could keep a close eye out for coughs and colds. one in seven people say they actually -- they have actually called in sick to work so they can watch all the games. a lot of the games are on the computer anyway. they can hide that and -- your computer at work. >> i wonder if they could get a true assessment of how many people watch the games at work. i don't know. hard to get anything done. >> yeah. >>>
for him right now in the republican party. mitch daniels, the governor of indiana, proposed a social issues truce while the economy was in such pain and he got torn apart by social conservatives for it. so on the other side the social conservatives who want the argument who like rick santorum want to go around the country to explain why birth control is a big problem. the obama campaign is looking for ways to force mitt romney to navigate the tension or whether republicans can shun this thing to the side until after the election. >> which is their hope, but in the meantime you have the president's campaign putting out a million flyers in key battleground states. nurses for obama, women's week of action at the end of the month, how do you think this is going to work, neera, and does it pivot because of the political atmosphere right now? >> let me take on something ezra said, i came in during the clarence thomas hearings, they happened a year before the election. a full year before the election. and they really motivated women. and the difference we had that year was that we had a num
. bringing in the warmth as well. showers across indiana and ohio. again with the southerly wind. we are ta talking temperatures 15 to 25 degrees above average. >> showers moving in after dark. each by midnight showers overnight especially south and east of town. sunshine, but the threat for an isolated shower or a rumble of thunder. some areas may get to 70. showers tonight. a warmer day tuesday. 77 a chance for an afternoon shower. wednesday and thursday look very nice. as we head toward friday and saturday, we have to reintroduce showers the possibility of thunder. we have the race saturday the usa marathon here. mike and andrea, back to you. thank you howard, take a look at this video. this is what it looks like outside at this time thursday morning. a nice and sunny drive in for the morning commute. >>> now look live this morning. it is still dark outside. the mornings can be the downside when you start daylight savings time. you start driving to work in the dark again. you can enjoy a little sun after dinner. >>> some of us have a hard time adjusting. even though you just lose an hour
. there you go. see, i was confused with the team from indiana named butler. >> butler is from indianapolis. belmont is from nashvegas, as some people call. >> nashvegas? >> yeah, it's so exciting. nashville. have you been there? >> you've got to go to nashville. beautiful. beautiful city. so is columbus, ohio. because that's where the hoyas and bruins will be playing. >> the hoyas, they have their dance partner. the belmont bruins out of the atlantic sun conference. georgetown earned the number 3 seed in the midwest region. it will play number 14 seed belmont in columbus, ohio. for reaction we're on the hilltop. i love it. kids celebrating. good times. on the hilltop. georgetown met belmont in the first round of the ncaa tournament in 2007. the hoyas beat the bruins then by 25 points en route to the final four. coming up on prfl sprfl, reaction from coach john thompson iii and the hoyas. at verizon center the caps playing the second of back-to-back games take on the mip'll leafs. first period no, score. toronto on the power play. brooks laich steals it. scored a power-play goal yesterday.
not perform as well as i'd hoped. i'm hopeful it will perform better this year. >> host: indiana, rik democratic collar. >> caller: good morning. >> host: go ahead. >> caller: actually, i think the problem started in the 80's. before 1980 the private sector, about 25 to 30% or union. in the 80's those jobs headed south to nonunion states. that created a rumsfeld. now 15 years is so until it got into the 90's and we have nafta. those jobs went to mexico. union jobs pay more. you have to have people making enough money to pay income tax which have the people don't make enough now. and they are the consumer. they drive the economy. and right now the union part in the private sector is around 45% i think that's part of the problem. >> host: what to you think of a mark zendi? >> guest: well, interesting points. at think the caller is right that in the 80's the nation's manufacturing sector got hit very hard, particularly in the upper midwest, michigan, ohio, indiana. a lot of those jobs went to the south. a lot of those jobs went to mexico and the emerging world. not only because of nafta,
in a very red state of indiana, how do you cross over and persuade people, you know, you can be trustd? and that you share their values? >> it in terms of the-- >> reporter: in terms of the base. >> i would tell romney to be himself and say, look, i have been fortunate to be successful. i have made money. i may not be the most natural person at the political stuff, but i know how to create jobs and run an chiand i will be working every day. he has to, you know, maybe just relax a little bit more and be the authentic mitt romney. because weem -- because people are wondering, is he the moderate or the arch conservative who is competing for the republican nomination? >> chris: it reminds me about the line of samuel goldman, the hollywood mogul says, the key is sincerity. once have you learned to fake that, you have it made. >> i like that, be himself. there is a point in his michigan speech, which a lot of victory speech in michigan, toward the end, are my children going to be able to comfeet in this world? are we going to have the america we want to have? i am going to be the person who
coming into western ohio, indiana, kentucky. temperatures in the 30s. spots like the east end and culpepper. fredericksburg 3, this morning here in washington 42 degrees. here's our michael and son weather camera. visibility feeling like 42 with a south wind at 8. actually looking at the wind chill with the barometer at 30, 4. temperatures mid-40s now. 60 for nashville. 62 in little rock. look at all this warming shooting up even to chicago at 54. this mild air is going to be with us for the entire week going way north of town here up into canada. this is the storm system showers and storms all the way down to the gulf coast. this system will come through us with broken showers tonight into early tomorrow. the clouds will watch those, just some highway thin ones coming our way through midday. here we are at 5:00 p.m. showers over toward pittsburgh. that is a few passing showers here and there, in the overnight into tomorrow morning, tomorrow sunshine returns through midday. in the afternoon we may pop a shower and even a stray thunderstorm. today upper 60s, might even get to 7
legal duties. >>> at least two are dead after a school bus crash in indiana t front of the bus crashed into a support pillar for a bridge killing the driver and one child at least a dozen others were hurt, two critically, the students on the bus are between 5 and 16 years old, no word yet on what caused the crash. >>> dozens of car owners in pennsylvania wake up to quite a sight they found their cars smashed outside the damage was done by a suspected drunk driver a man sped through the mount washington neighbourhood slamming into several cars, the impact was so hard it pushed one car over a hillside, police did arrest the driver. >>> campaign 2012 the focus is alabama and mississippi, tomorrow voters in those states will go to polls to choose their candidate for president in the gop race. it is a critical day for newt gingrichs campaign. >> reporter: rick santorum is down playing expectations the day before alabama and mississippi hold their primary. >>> the other campaigns have been in here running longer than we have and spending time here before we did. >> reporter: he is still maki
in from the midwest. we want to show you live pictures of a school bus crash in indianapolis, indiana. the camera there is zooming if and out of the bus. police are not saying much at this time. we are told that the crash killed the bus driver. it sounds like several people may be injured in this crash. apparently it happened this morning. you can see a little bit wet there. it has been raining in the area although it's unclear if weather has played a role. early reports including cnn are saying that one child and a school bus driver both died this morning after this crash. apparently the bus may have gotten stuck on a bridge support beam. it's somewhat under a bridge or overpass there. they are still investigating it at this point. we will continue to follow this and bring you any information as it becomes available. >>> from afghanistan to here in the bay area we are getting reaction to the killings of 16 afghan civilians allegedly by a u.s. soldier. members of the afghan soccer club in fremont are calling the deaths shocking and sad. fremont has a large afghan population with part
weekend. that's next in your updated first winning forecast. >>> a school bus clipped a bridge in indiana, killing the driver and one student. the bus was carrying students to an indianapolis school when it crashed before 8 this morning. one side of the bus was peeled back in the collision. at least eight other children were also injured. two critically. the pavement was wet but the cause of the accident is under investigation. >>> a residential street looks like a demolition derby in one pennsylvania town. dozens of people in the mount washington, pennsylvania neighborhood awake to find their cars smashed. police say a drunk driver sped down the street this morning slamming into one car and another. no one was injured. >>> in today's health watch you know drinking sweet drinks can lead to obesity. in tonight's washington wizard health watch a new study finds it could hurt your heart. randall pinkston reports for wjz. >> reporter: 60-year-old morris mcwilliams knew it was time to see his doctor when he began having chest pains. he was diagnosed with high blood pressure, high cholesterol a
in the south. also in region, duke is the no. 2, baylor no. 3 and indiana the 4th seed. a couple of familiar foes for the big 10 conference the time. this one tied all the way down to the wire. wood with 3 of his 21. green isn't usual a-point shooter, but hit 2 from beyond the arc. michigan state wins, that earns the spartans a not 1 seed in the west. one final region to go. where syracuse also lost in its conference tournament, but still gets a no. 1 in east, ohio state gets the 2, florida state the 3. and wisconsin the 4th seed. well, it may mean absolutely nothing, but both bay area baseball teams thunder winning ways in the arizona desert. brian wilson pitched a scoreless inning in the win over seattle. the a's in their phoenix to take on kansas city. another spring slugfest. the a's were 10-8 winners, improving their spring record to 7-3. >> still to come on this early sunday night edition of sportswrap, reports tonight that a very high-profile wide receiver is set to work out for the 49ers tomorrow. we'll tell you about that and some of golf's new breed battling on the final day at do
, indianapolis, indiana looking for thunderstorms. that could occur especially after 10:00 in the morning. city number two, detroit. city number one take a live look, that's chicago, illinois. you know that one well. >> why didn't you ask me? >> i was running out of time. >> know that one. when you said you know the state i thought you would say new orleans, the dome. >> they'll have thunderstorms tomorrow, too. >> thank you very much. we appreciate it. >>> the interview everyone has been waiting to see. for the first time whitney houston's family open up to oprah about the superstar's life, death and last days. that's next. zero free time, and my dad moving in. so we went to fidelity. we looked at our family's goals and some ways to help us get there. they helped me fix my economy, the one in my house. now they're managing my investments for me. and with fidelity, getting back on track was easier than i thought. call or come in today to take control of your personal economy. get one-on-one help from america's retirement leader. chocolate lemonade ? susie's lemonade... the movie. or... we make
-new subaru impreza. ♪ experience love that lasts. >>> a deadly school bus accident in indiana leaves the driver and one child dead. it was making its morning round when it struck a bridge two other children were critically injured, one side of the bus was peeled back, 50 children aged 5 to 16 were on the bus at the time of the crash. >> two people killed in a crash in toledo ohio the driver was going the wrong way on the interstate, both victims are from michigan police are trying to determine why they were driving the wrong way. >>> new twist in the case of the sew called man -- so called manhattan mad dam the mother of four accused of running a escort ring. one accuses the other of not visiting christina in jail. >>> prince harry wrapping audio tape 10 day trip to -- rapping up a 10 day trip to caribbean and south america. during the trip he sat down with seth done and talked about how his family plans to celebrate with his grandmother when he returns to london. >> you spoke glowingly of your grandmother do you have private ways planned to honor her as well. >> i don't personally,
are constitutional and not discrimnary thattory. point out that states like georgia, kansas, indiana, tennessee, wisconsin are allowed to require photo i.d. to vote. state attorney general greg abbotts said, "texans should not be treated differently and must have the same authority as other states to protect integrity of our election." they expected this move and abbott filed suit to have the law implemented which is still pending. it appears to be destined to be decided in court. >> bret: today, the obama administration released a blue print for states to sign up millions for health insurance. that process is supposed to start in 2014. many states are waiting to begin implementation until the supreme court rules on the wall later this year. president obama is hoping his defense of the healthcare law and improving economy will convince voters to stay with him for a second term. chief white house correspondent ed henry reports the president is going after a constituency that was good to him in 2008. ♪ ♪ >> a full court press for president obama re-election campaign sending mailings to 1 mill
're flying into the airport. any little hiccup can cause problems. city number three, indianapolis, indiana. looking for thunderstorms and that should occur especially after 10:00 a.m. city number two, detroit. same issue as indianapolis. and city number one, take a live look at chicago, illinois, my friends. don, you know that one well, right? >> yeah. why didn't you ask me? >> because i was already out of town. >> i can see the bigger monitor in the studio. when you said, you're going to know the city, i thought you would say new orleans, because it would be the dome. >> you'll know that one, too. they'll have thunderstorms, too. >>> you know, it's the interview everyone has been waiting to see. for the first time, whitney houston's family, including her daughter, open up to oprah about the superstar's life, death and her last days. for his little girl. hey don't worry. e-trade's got a totally new investing dashboard. everything is on one page, your investments, quotes, research... it's like the buffet last night. whatever helps you understand man. i'm watching you. oh yeah? well i'm watc
were as a democrat in a red state of indiana, how do you cross over and persuade people you can you be trusted and you share their values? >> in terms of reaching out to independents? >> i am talking more reaching out to the baseful what would you tell romney to do? >> i would tell him to be himself. i would i made money i may not be the natural person at the political stuff but i know how to create jobs run an economy and i will be working for you every single day. maybe just relax a little bit more and be the authentic mitt romney. people right now are wondering if the authentic mitt romney the moderate conservative governor of massachusetts or arch conservative competing for the nomination. >> it remind me of the line samuel galled the hollywood mogul said. the key is sincerity. once you learn to fake that you got it. >> the michigan speech in michigan is towards the end. talking about the big picture issues. we will have in america what we have i want to do that the big picture. the media of which we are a part i think it's like losing with the football. they keep raising the ba
it since he left the government and moved back to indiana. >> who is he? >> well, tom charles houston was a 29-year-old lawyer in the white house who worked for richard nixon, who admired richard nixon. and late in nixon's second term, first term, before he ran for re-election, in 1970-1971, the nixon white house determined that hoover was losing his grip. hoover was now past 75 years old. and he dent want to do some of the dirty tricks that nixon had ordered him to do. wiretapping, breaking, bugging. surveillance, stealing people's personal effects and doing it without judicial warrants on the order of the president. so they set up their own bucket shop, didn't they? in the white house. known as the plumbers. houston from the white house made a liaison with hoover's intelligence chief at the f.b.i. bill sullivan. so known to some of his colleagues as "crazy billy," had been working the intelligence beat for hoover since the 1950's. he wanted to take over the f.b.i. when hoover died. and he overreached. and he tried to take over the bureau when hoover was still alive. with this plan,
of that game plays either indiana or new mexico state. and loyola university in maryland has a real tough task. 15-seed greyhounds will play number two seed ohio state on thursday in pittsburgh. the winner of that game plays either gonzaga or west virginia. so the field of 68 is now set. now it is time to fill out your brackets and there are many of you who definitely go mad this time of year with college hoops. a new survey from yahoo! sports shows fans spend an average of 75 minutes just filling out their brackets. people fill out an average of 4.5 brackets with 14% filling out more than six. bosses do keep a close eye so caution calls. 1 in 7 people who were asked said they did call in sick to work so they could stay home and watch the games. >>> this week the 40th annual whitney m. young junior gala will be held in washington, d.c. we're joined bit president and ceo of the urban league, monty cooper. also michael aiken, and todd hefner. welcome to you all. we want to hear all about it. start with you. tell us all about the gala, when it is and why is it named after whitney m. young jr. >>
from georgia and indiana, tennessee, to kansas are allowed to require photo i.d. to vote. here is the texas attorney general making his case. >> insures there won't be any cheating and illegal voting going on. a simple requirement a requirement that the u.s. supreme court has already said is perfectly constitutional. >> he says texas should not be treated differently and should have the power to protect elections, shep? >> shepard: what's the justice department saying? >> the justice department is worried about hispanic voters particularly in rural areas. 300,000. about 11% of texas latinos don't have a state-issued i.d. in a letter sent by assistant attorney general thomas perez. he wrote, quote: even using the date that most favorable to the state hispanics disproportionately lack either a driver's license or personal identification card issued by dps, the texas department of public safety and that disparity is statistically significant. texas wasn't anticipating this move by the justice department so attorney general abbot filed a lawsuit to have the law implemented and tha
a school bus crashed into a bridge in indiana. two other children are critically injured. police say internet users told them a university of maryland student was threatening a shooting rampage planned for today. a 19-year-old was arrested on sunday. >>> and the fbi says a domestic dispute may have been behind a bomb scare on board a jet blue flight earlier. a caller said there wasa threat. back to "hardball." >>> welcome back to "hardball." of course, the terrible news out of afghanistan this weekend was horrific. early sunday, a sergeant in the u.s. army allegedly slipped off the base in southern afghanistan, walked more than a mile, and stalked from home to home in several afghan villages, killing at least 16 civilians. 9 of the dead were children, very young children. it's one of the worst atrocities committed so far in the afghan war, obviously, and it raised all kinds of questions, not the least of which is why this soldier did what he did, and then what are we doing there? there's also a question of whether or not this is a game changing moment in the war in which the u.s. pol
the newsroom from a terrible school bus crash in indiana. this story still developing. heather has been watching it for us. >> reporter: here is what we know. one child and the driver did not survive. two other students are apparently critically injured. the school bus from lighthouse charter school in indianapolis was making its mourning rounds. witnesses say everything seemed normal, then they heard screams from the children on board the bus, violently colliding with the concrete pillar of an old railroad bridge. the bus left in a crumpled mess with one side of the bus peeled back complete lee from th completely. the injured were take into indianapolis hospitals. one of the children had to be rescued from under the front wheel of the bus. tam lee pressley was on her way to work when she saw the crash and tried to help. >> i seen one of them laying on the ground covered up. and then my mom called and said she heard on the news one of the kids had passed away and the bus driver had passed away. that is very sad. it breaks my heart. one lady's kids was on one of the buses, she came freak
authority because the texas voter id law is based on an indiana law which was upheld by the supreme court. it was back in 2009, 6-3 decision. john paul stevens wrote that one with. megyn? megyn: the most liberal member of the high court at the time. gregg, thank you. well, joining me now for more on this, julian epstein, you know who these guys are -- they were just with us. jay allen seculo as well. this is right in your wheelhouse, we thought we'd hold you over since we can't think of two guys we'd like to hear more on this. the supreme court upheld voter id laws in indiana, but now the doj has challenged those laws in south carolina and, now, texas. jay, why, why -- no, let me start with julian. why is the doj doing this? >> let him defend, okay. >> yeah, okay, fine. [laughter] i think for two reasons. one is voter impersonation is a problem that just doesn't exist in this country. it's been studied in the kansas, ohio, all around the country. the advocates of voter identification laws have never put forward any evidence that voter impersonation occurs on any substantial scale whatsoev
are announcing tomorrow will be an official day of mourning. >>> to indiana here, a school bus crashed into a support pillar of a bridge. this is in indianapolis. killing the driver and one child. ten other students were injured this morning. two of them, we're told, critically. right now we don't know why the bus driver lost control. investigators say it was raining at the time. you can see some of the slick streets there, but they are not saying whether or not they think that was, in fact, a factor. >>> a phoned-in bomb threat prompted a jetblue flight to make an emergency landing just this morning. there's the plane. it was on its way from chicago to boston when it had to divert to buffalo, new york. we're told one passenger was questioned, but at least everyone on board was a-okay. >>> and whitney houston, her daughter, bobbi kristina, remembered the tender final moments she shared with her mother in the first ever tv interview since houston's death on last night's own, oprah winfrey's cable channel. take a look. >> the very last day, it was so, so early in the morning, so early. i
. >> yeah, unfortunately, it's still very common. we at the indiana attorney general's office have seen all of these scams within -- among the consumers that we are representing. one of the -- one of the scams that's very common in our area, partly because every year we face a lot of storms, which you've all been reading about in southern indiana and tennessee and illinois -- we always get tornadoes. we always get very severe storms with hail, et cetera. there are a group of scammers that will go from door to door and from state to state, following the storms. we typically call them storm chasers. sometimes we have a different group of scammers that we call travelers that just come seasonally depending on the situation. in case of the storm chasers, what will happen is they will follow a disaster and they will go door to door and say things like, i just repaired your neighbor's roof and i have some materials left over. i'll be happy to give you a discount on your repair for your house 'cause i've got, you know, one more day that i'm going to be here. if you decide right now. so there's the
hopeful it will perform better this year. host: in indiana, a democratic caller. good morning. caller: i think the problem started in the 1980's. before 1980, the private sector -- in the 1980's, those jobs headed south of the united states. and then in the 1990's we had nafta. a union job pays more. you have to have people making enough money to pay income taxes. people do not make enough to pay it with the deductions they can take. any consumer, if they make enough money, they drive the economy. the private sector is around 4% to 5%. i think that is part of the problem. host: what you think mark zandi? >> interesting point. i do think the caller is right. nation's80's the manufacturing sector got hit very hard, particularly in the northwest. michigan, ohio. a lot of those jobs went into mexico and the emerging world. not only because of nafta, but because of the -- china came on the scene and emerging economies were very competitive. i think that description -- there is a lot of truth to it. i will say, though, that i think, now, our manufacturing base is very competitive. that is a ma
for 2012. >>> tweet time on this monday. "john carter" was billed by disney executives as indiana joans meets mars. it's more like "ishtar" meets kazakhstan. >> we're hopeful for that movie. we have a lot invested in it. and we've got to understand the great creator, great director who has done some great work for us at pixar. we believe in him and we believe in the movie he's made. >> captain john carter, virginia. >> virginia. virginia. >> okay. brings us to our twitter question for the morning. we want to know how disney would have been better off spending that $250 million. you can tweet us. our twitter handle is@cnbc. >>> it's a lot of money. to be fair, they did make, i think, 70 overseas so the at trabtive to get our money back. >> a lot of movies are now made for the overseas market as much as domestically. if you watched the clip from "star wars," by the way, it would have looked just as silly. you can't judge based on 20 seconds. >> right. >> long but don't prosper. look. we're giving iger a hard time. disney is a stock i have liked on "mad money" for the duration because thes
department of justice and abby kuzma the director of consumer protection in the office of the indiana attorney general. and with that, i give you michael blume, our moderator. thank you. [applause] >> well, thanks, folks. and good afternoon. this panel, i suspect, will be very being and informative and let's just get right to it. we're going to talk about fraud directed at the elderly. it seems to me a natural question is, why do we have a special panel on fraud on the elderly. there is research that concerns particular vulnerabilities, that older folks may have that make them more susceptible than others to certain kinds of frauds and i'd like to start then with betsy about some of the research at the aarp may have done concerning those kinds of vulnerabilities. and if you could give us some of those factors that make older folks even more vulnerable than what you've talked about here today. >> listen, it's on. okay. i want to first put it in perspective, there are not a great many statistics about how many elderly are victimized, but we know that elderly financial abuse is dramatica
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